Primary Education Schools

NAGA has and continues to work with school districts across the country to preserve their Native themed identities as a means to promote awareness and education about Indian history and heritage. NAGA has developed customizable curriculum for schools to implement. NAGA was instrumental in aiding the Paw Paw, Michigan Redskins win their battle in 2017 to keep their Native identity.

In 2018, NAGA helped Alumni, Students, and Residents in Anderson Township, Ohio fight off the "changers" and keep their 80-year-old Redskins name and logo. They maintain a very active Facebook page and encourage anyone fighting for their name to organize in the same manner.

NAGA continues to assist school districts across the country stave off attacks from the outsider change groups. As the "Change" movement is built on hate, junk science, intimidation, and out right lies, so is the play book which they operate from. For school districts coming under attack, be aware of the following tactics in their play book:

  1. Play #1: Find a student(s) to "claim" they have experienced harassment because of the Native themed name and logo of the school. Invariably such "claims" have proven to be ginned up by the change advocates. Do NOT accept anything these people throw out there as based in truth.
  2. Play #2: Lobby the school board to change their Native themed name and logo. This usually takes place in the form of letters and emails enlisting an impressive group of organizations and tribal councils stating their opposition to stereotypical "mascots." Note, they purposely refer to what is commonly known as a symbol, logo, or emblem as a "mascot" because that term conjures up negative associations. Like most Indian people, NAGA opposes true Indian mascots parading around as a sideline cheerleader as well as "cartoonish" imagery which can create a negative stereotype; and like most Indian people, NAGA supports the respectful use of the names and imagery in sports and the mainstream. The lobbying efforts of the "Changers" always includes the highly biased and discredited APA studies which can easily be refuted with facts.
  3. Play #3: Organize mostly outsider Native American groups and individuals to attend school board meetings claiming to be the representative voice of Native peoples concerning this issue. Invariably, there will be a claim by the "Changers" of someone in the audience using a pejorative term to describe one of their Native supporters. Of course, it is impossible to prove a negative, but the charge alone is sufficient for those to which the ends justifies the means.